Funky dory dating

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1 while attending the Flint branch of the University of Michigan. One of those days that when you breathed out your breath kind of hung frozen in the air like a hunk of smoke and you could walk along and look exactly like a train blowing out big, fat, white puffs of smoke.It was so cold that if you were stupid enough to go outside your eyes would automatically blink a thousand times all by themselves, probably so the juice inside of them wouldn't freeze up. We put sweaters and hats and scarves and three pairs of socks on and still were cold.Dad was bundled next to Joey, trying to look at anything but Momma. So as you guys sit here giving me these dirty looks because it's a little chilly outside ask yourselves if you'd rather be a little cold or go through life being known as the Hambonettes."Me and Joey cracked up, Byron kind of chuckled and Momma put her hand over her mouth.Next to Dad, sitting with a little space between them, was my older brother, Byron. She did this whenever she was going to give a smile because she had a great big gap between her front teeth.

Dad pulled two ice scrapers out of his pocket and said, "O.Everyone, even Byron, cheered when Dad got Aunt Cydney and she told us to hurry over before we froze to death.Dad went out to try and get the Brown Bomber started. It was a 1948 Plymouth that was dull brown and real big, Byron said it was turd brown.I was next to her and on the outside was my mother. You've got to let me tell about what happened with him."Momma said, "There's not a whole lot to tell, just a story about a young girl who made a bad choice.Momma was the only one who wasn't born in Flint so the cold was coldest to her. But if you do tell it, make sure you get all the facts right."We all huddled as close as we could get because we knew Dad was going to try to make us forget about being cold by cutting up. You're the one who started that 'Hambone' nonsense.

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