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All the Divas are there, Sharmell, Victoria, Jillian Hall, Lilian Garcia, Mickie James, Maria, Lita, Ashley, Candice, Kristal, Melina, Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler. The remaining Divas start to join in on the argument but Vince holds his hands up. you will all get your chance to prove that in the ring… good luck.” All the other Divas laugh at Jillian’s misfortune as she leaves the locker room and makes her way to the entrance ramp.

The girls are all laughing and chatting when there’s a knock on the door and it’s opened slightly a moment later. the 30 men you’ll be facing are all ready there and waiting for you.” Vince then leaves the locker room but he pokes his head back in and points to Jillian. She passes by a list taped to a bulletin board, which is the list of entry for all the Divas.

She grabs the first two cocks she can reach, those belonging to Cade and Michaels. Jillian’s face is grabbed by Masters, who then forces his masterpiece of a cock into her mouth with a might push.You get a full sense of the way Lily drills during the doggy style sequence and she’s like a jackhammer.Lily’s missionary position fucking is more powerful yet!Jillian makes her way to the ring and slowly gets inside.Before she can realize what’s happening, she’s grabbed by Tomko and forced to the center of the ring. She feels them all over her body, over her breasts, her ass, legs and pussy.

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