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The GAL will investigate the facts, participate in negotiations, and take a position in court on legal custody and placement.The GAL is also involved in the financial issues of a case when those issues affect the children, such as child support and child expenses.A GAL is an attorney, licensed to practice law in Wisconsin.The GAL’s role is to represent the best interests of the children as determined by the GAL through an investigation.The input could change depending on additional evidence or facts that are uncovered.

You may also be asked to sign a release authorizing the GAL to review relevant records, such as school, medical, or mental health records.

The GAL will meet with both parents, usually separately and in the GAL’s office. The GAL will decide when and where to meet with your child, which could be in the GAL’s office, each parent’s home, or another location.

Because the GAL is an attorney, the GAL investigates facts that are relevant to the issues in your case.

In representing the best interests of the children, the GAL may negotiate settlements, conduct formal and informal discovery, hire experts, interview witnesses, investigate whether there has been violence or abuse between parents, comment on proposed parenting plans or any stipulation or mediation agreement reached by the parties and participate in all court proceedings.

Either party may request a status hearing before the court on the actions taken and work performed by the GAL any time after 120 days from the GAL’s appointment.

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