Gay dads and gay dating sites

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I will avoid a meeting unless it’s a long-term thing.

I don’t want them to think I’m [messing] around with many different people.” Michael is not on Facebook, either, as he wants to shield his children from any potential gossip or unintentional posts about his love life.

Divorce followed, and his two daughters didn’t speak to him for eight years.

The youngest kid, a boy, never had a problem with his dad’s homosexuality.

Still, he says, dates are not something that’s the subject of dinner conversation.

“I haven’t had anyone run away, but I also haven’t dated anyone who wanted kids himself.” Michael’s children are adults now, and he’s on great terms with them.

Michael, 52, lives in Long Island, New York, and came out as gay 12 years ago.

He was married to a woman at the time, with three kids.

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