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Not sure but based on the photo, it looks like it was "repaired" before.

If that isn't just paint peeling away, it will need a whole new strip glued on and possibly paint the whole door while you're… It sounds to me like he's a flake in this area of finances, and she has had enough of cleaning up his crap and just wants to know if she leaves the litter tray to moulder, will it bite her in the bum…

The partners of the project are: Ahlstrom (Finland), Centro CIM do Porto (Portugal), Extech Lda (Ireland), IFW-University of Hannover (Germany), JAZ (Spain), TVA (Spain), Tekniker (Spain), VTT Automation (Finland) and WM-data (Finland).

The goal of this project was the development of a CIM platform to support the dissemination of information technologies associated to the CIM paradigm and to transfer those technologies to the Portuguese industrial companies.

Objectives: Este projeto pretende desenvolver uma solução integrada e inteligente para suportar a manutenção industrial, alinhada com os princípios da Industria 4.0, tendo em vista a melhoria do desempenho do processo de produção.

Would you like to meet exciting singles of the German ethnicity?The final deliverable will be a prototype shop control system, customised for and installed at every PASO pilot end-user.First installations at end user sites are planned to be started at the second quarter of the year 1997.She doesn't have to be rich, but she must have some life goals and an intention to develop herself. Welcome to Toytown Germany, an English-language community website for Germany.

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