Help updating safari

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Similar privacy benefits can be gleaned by deleting your Mac browsing history.

And if you want to optimise your Safari experience even more, check out our best Safari tips for Mac, and our favourite Safari extensions and plugins.

Even if none of these problems affect you, periodically cleaning browser data can help protect your privacy from snoops who want to discover what you've been up to online.

In this article, therefore, we explain how to clear Safari's cache and cookies on Mac.

The hidden Safari Developer menu can be used to clear just the cache, leaving cookies and the browser history in place.

I went so far as to exit Safari and pull up the info on the website he provided.Perhaps Facebook stops updating with new posts, for example, or the images on a site don't appear as they should.If this happens it's likely the cache has become corrupted.If you are not sure of exactly what they did, then you need to err on the side of caution and erase the drive. I was getting so frustrated whenever I would accidentally open safari (because i dont really use it) and there would be these BOGUS warnings!!!!All of the information you need is in the "What if I Called the Number? I ended up having to do the last thing about the Last Session and it worked.

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