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uses the Quote City Pair (QCP) headline and sideline city to determine fare selection. This may or may not be the actual direction of travel.

In a construction, the Priceable Unit is a group of segments held together by slashes (e.g., ). - 3 Component CT = More than 2 Component Circle Trip 4.

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top of page 1P- LVNVWN 1.1PRICING/TEST*ADT 1 AA2013Y 12SEP TU EWRORD MK1 938A 1100A/O 2 AA1183Y 12SEP TU ORDLAX MK1 1144A 206P/X 3 UA 842Y 19SEP TU LAXORD MK1 835A 223P/O 4 UA 654Y 19SEP TU ORDEWR MK1 330P 628P/X top of page The Significant Carrier is the airline whose fares are applicable for a fare component.Domestic (within one country) fares are selected in the direction of travel.top of page Fares are selected and applied in the direction of travel except the final fare component back into the country of unit origin -- which is selected in an outbound direction (i.e., opposite of travel.) Rules, routings, HIPS and Differentials are processed in the same direction as the fare applied to that component. fare selection, Worldspan always uses Headline fares.If domestic fares are only allowed in one direction, an indicator is used to assure valid fare application.

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