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One factor that contributes to the low intermarriage rates in these areas may be the lower acceptance of interracial marriage.

Some 13% of adults in the South say that more interracial marriage is a bad thing for society, and 11% of those living in the Midwest, where Youngstown is located, say the same.

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Fayetteville, North Carolina, and the area around Palm Bay-Melbourne-Titusville, Florida, have high intermarriage rates as well.

These areas are characterized by less diversity than their Western counterparts.

However, the same does not hold true in Jackson or Birmingham.

The marriage markets around those cities are fairly diverse: In Jackson, the pool of potential spouses is comprised of 61% non-Hispanic blacks and 36% non-Hispanic whites; in Birmingham, the marriage market is comprised of 57% non-Hispanic whites and 37% non-Hispanic blacks.

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Honolulu has by far the highest share of intermarried newlyweds of any metro area analyzed – 42% of newlyweds living in and around that city were married to someone of a different race or ethnicity. metro areas with at least 200 newlyweds in the Census Bureau data – 126 in all – are included in this analysis.

The same is true of about three-in-ten newlyweds living near Las Vegas or Santa Barbara, California. Click here to see full tables that can be sorted by metro area and race and ethnicity.) These areas are all relatively diverse in terms of race and ethnicity, and this diversity likely contributes to the high intermarriage rates by creating a diverse pool of potential spouses.

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