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The CFPB fined several auto lenders tens of millions of dollars between 20 using that guidance, including Ally Financial Inc. Getting rid of those rules “is a dangerous step backwards and sends a message to the American people that it’s OK for auto dealers to give consumers a higher price tag for a car simply because of the color of one’s skin,” wrote Nikitra Bailey, an executive vice president at the Center for Responsible Lending, a nonprofit based in Durham, N.

C., in an op/ed in American Banker, a trade newspaper.

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Upon approval, you can download the necessary documents to sign and submit. We will work with your current lender to pay off your existing loan and receive the title to your vehicle from your old lender.

The guidance, according to the ABA’s executive vice president of Congressional relations and political affairs James Ballentine, “has caused many banks to exit or curtail their indirect auto lending.” That limits consumer choice and increases the cost of credit for consumers, he said.

The ABA “strongly believes that every automobile customer deserves to be treated fairly,” he said, and “there is no room for illegal discrimination of any kind in automobile financing.” But the CFPB’s guidance was issued without an opportunity for public comment, he wrote, which the ABA takes issue with.

The CFPB did not return Market Watch’s request for comment.

Auto refinance is when you replace your existing auto loan with a new one, typically with better and/or different terms.

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