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The city’s election board apparently didn’t even notice the mistake until the Don't miss: Medical Child Abuse: Mother Subjected Healthy Son to Major Surgeries, Feeding Tubes and Oxygen Support for No Reason Progressive Democrat and vocal Trump critic Mayor Bill de Blasio won a second term.But Trump and his family’s ballot problems can’t be blamed—unlike the special election for the Alabama senate seat, this race wasn’t close.Or it may eventually isolate them from their feelings, with a resulting loss of major part of their natural intelligence. Most of them are so insidious that we don't even know what is happening.

In fact, one defintion of the so-called "borderline personality disorder" is "the normal response of a sensitive person to an invalidating environment" (2)Psychiatrist R. Laing said that when we invalidate people or deny their perceptions and personal experiences, we make mental invalids of them. He writes "...a history of emotion invalidation (i.e., a history of childhood psychological abuse and parental punishment, minimization, and distress in response to negative emotion) was significantly associated with emotion inhibition (i.e., ambivalence over emotional expression, thought suppression, and avoidant stress responses).

To adapt to this unhealthy and dysfunctional environment, the working relationship between his thoughts and feelings becomes twisted.

His emotional responses, emotional management, and emotional development will likely be seriously, and perhaps permanently, impaired.

Actually, all emotions do have a basis in reality, and feelings are facts, fleeting though they may be.

But trying to dress an emotional wound, with logic tends to either confuse, sadden or infuriate a person.

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