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You must also ensure that the current Kinksters server rules are adhered to in your room.

To register your own channel, for example #My Kinky Channel, you should type the following: /join #My Kinky Channel /msg Chan Serv REGISTER #My Kinky Channel password The channel Kinky People use!!

Back to top To register your nickname: First make sure you are using the nickname you want to register, if not, change to the nickname you want to register by typing /nick nicktoregister (replace nicktoregister with the nickname you want to register), then type: /msg Nick Serv REGISTER "password" Change "password" to a password of your own that is hard for people to guess.

Using "password" as your password is NOT a good idea ;) If you want to register your nickname via our webchat: Click on "Menu" in the bottom left-hand corner of the webchat Click on "Register Nickname" Fill out the required information (including email) Please note, that although your email address is required to register your nickname via the webchat, it is hidden by default, Kinksters Chat does not use it for any purpose and we will not give or sell your email address to anyone (if you're still uneasy about using your email address, use a fake one : P) Back to top Sometimes, you may want to register more than one nickname.

Where password should be changed to the password you would like to have for your channel and everything after password is the Description of the channel More details about registering your own channel can be obtained by typing: /msg Chan Serv HELP REGISTER or /msg Chan Serv HELP Also, if you need help setting up your new channel, or have any questions, you can /join #Help where someone will be happy to assist you.

Back to top To send a message to a user who is offline, so that they are notified of it and can read it when they next come online, type the following: /msg Memo Serv SEND nickname message Replace "nickname" with the nickname of the person you want to send the Memo to and replace "message" with whatever you want to send as a message to that person.

Search for Chat Space Servers Find all the great chat sites that use Chat Space, browse through our Chat Space Directory where webmasters who use Chat Space are welcome to submit a chat site.

There are many exploited illegal chat servers out there, we only list legit servers who are hosted with licensed resellers or Chat Space key holders.

If you are unable to get an answer to your question in help, for any reason, you can ask the server to tell you what IRCops are available by typing: /ircops From this list, you can open a message window to an online IRCop by typing: /query ircopnickname Then typing your question in the window that opens.

In this case you can group all your nicknames under your main nickname.

This way you will have the same password for all your nicknames and memo's sent to one of your nicknames can be read by ANY of your nicknames.

Our aim is to provide you with the help you could want, when you need and we hope that you will find what you need in the list below.

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