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He is so cute that girls cannot take their eyes of him.He is very talented as well and his amazing work has made him popular all over the world. He was born in the year 1991 on 9th of July and this makes his age 23 at this time.His Twitter account is verified which proves he is the one using it.He is also fond of uploading his pictures in Instagram to share them.He has a very impressive 54.1 thousand followers in Instagram.He has posted in Instagram more than 500 times till now.At this early age he has been earning great money and it living a dream life.He has a whooping net worth of million dollars and the number has been always on the increasing side.

The merch, which is available on, is a throwback to an episode from Season 2 in which Mitchel's character Oliver and Miley's on-screen brother Jackson accidentally create a cheese-jerky recipe that sells phenomenally well.

"Hi, saying hurtful things has an incredible way of catching up to you in the future! "I hope you are prepared for the consequences that follow your actions.

I hope you can find happiness one day without the negativity that drowns you. Then take a hike bozo." While there's no word on to who exactly Mitchel meant the tweet for, it could very well be that he was dealing with the unkind sentiments from some mean troll's tweets.

He has shined in almost all the TV shows and movies he has been a part of.

He has been absolutely huge in social networking sites and all thanks to his stardom.

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