Is tony stewart dating tara again

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A little grey mouse who Droopy send named Nibbles arrived at The Dalton's house.Tyler open the door and saw Nibbles who is waving hello to Tyler.Tom and Jerry force to work together and team up with sophomores Hayley Dalton, her older twin brother Tyler and their best friends to save the world from the evil rich worker, before it's too late.Meanwhile, a new group of detective agency all set up on a journey to find Tom and Jerry.Tyler and Hayley plans to escape with their friends.

Jerry went inside of the school then Tom follow him before bring stop by the teacher and Tom is getting kicked out by the teacher.

Meanwhile, Nibbles try to call for help to Droopy but fail to pick up.

At the Island, Tom and Jerry explain the plan to Tyler that their escaping will take part in.

After Mammy Two Shoes came home from shopping, She kicked both Tom and Jerry out of the house for wrecking her house and she moves into a different city with Spike in the wheelchair (hurting his leg during Tom and Jerry chase).

Tom starts heading off and take Jerry with him to make it up to him (unlike the features film), But then, they saw a teenager girl with strawberry blonde hair named Hayley walking down the street with her older twin brother named Tyler while talking to their best friends on their phones. The next day, Tom and Jerry living on the street as homelessness then Tom and Jerry woke up and saw Hayley and Tyler, the same person who they saw on the street.

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