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And days later, the criticisms started coming to the forefront.Which, naturally, led to a back and forth from those who know and love the organization, those who’ve always had their doubts and even some who were involved as children but eventually turned away from the organization.Activities are planned around the family and should promote the solidarity of the family.

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Throughout its history, the Cleveland Chapter of Jack and Jill of America has been diligent in directing generous donations through the years to help eliminate some of the contemporary obstacles that confront children.For instance, in the days when swimming pools were closed to Black children, they would organize swimming parties.In the ’90’s the organization hit a surge in popularity when parents were looking for ways to maintain their child’s cultural identity when living in predominately White areas.The Cleveland Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Incorporated hosted its second Teen Legislative "Summit in the 'Land" in 2016.The "Summit in the 'Land" aimed to inspire pre-teens and teens to use their voices for action via education on issues that impact their lives.

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