Kaspersky7 updating non blacklist guide

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At the time, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Peter Turnquest called the EU’s assessment regrettable, claiming that the government has consistently engaged the EU’s Code of Conduct Group and responded to its requests.

In January, the EU wrote to government and gave it until February 28 to respond.

The EU designated a country or territory as a "non-cooperative jurisdiction" primarily by measuring the transparency of its tax regime, its tax rates, and whether it has agreed to make improvements.

The EU said a nominal or zero tax rate didn't automatically land a country or territory on the blacklist. The 17 countries or territories on the EU tax blacklist are: American Samoa Bahrain Barbados Grenada Guam South Korea Macau The Marshall Islands Mongolia Namibia Palau Panama Saint Lucia Samoa Trinidad and Tobago Tunisia United Arab Emirates Some of the blacklisted countries "facilitate offshore structures" and other arrangements "aimed at attracting profits without real economic substance," the EU said.

Grey-listed countries -- those not now meeting EU standards for tax policy and transparency but committed to doing so -- include Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cabo Verde, Fiji, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Jordan, Maldives, Montenegro, Morocco, Serbia and Swaziland.

Turnquest has maintained that The Bahamas is “fully lined up and scheduled” to meet that deadline.Part 5: Frequently asked question Part 6: How a good credit score can make you more attractive to opposite sex CCRIS is a centralized system under Bank Negara which compiles data on your outstanding loan amount and payment history for the past 12 months, at any given time. If you are late in payment (lets say 6 months outstanding in Feb 2015) but you have paid off the outstanding in March 2015, the records will still show February = 6 months, March = 0 months, April = 0 months.As CCRIS is a report for 12 month period, the 6 months in arrears records will only 'disappear' in February 2016 (12 months later).Just over a month after The Bahamas was added to the European Union’s (EU) blacklist of non-cooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes, representing another blow to the country and its financial services sector, the Ministry of Finance confirmed yesterday that the EU has officially recommended the country be removed from the blacklist.The ministry said the secretariat of the Code of Conduct Group wrote to the government yesterday.

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