Ladies dating marrage

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I just wrote an very long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn at appear. I buy the elastrator and pink o rings and pulled throw his scrotum and one at a time each testicle throw the pink bands its harder thin I think because the last nut didn't go throw as easy pushing it throw hard did the trick..the day want his sack has died off reaching down between his lags pulling to me softly his balls came off me castrating him by my will.britney love geldingsby law in the town from witch I live in asks all moms and women to get their boys neutered like dogs or horses it was in 1823 when a group of women came together a rebill of males we hate them but one day on 1823 of may 21 a man came to town this women's boyfriend came to get her back she reject him and castrated him strait no pain killers by her will and willingness she got the ladies group meeting and agreed to let him life here if he's gelded she lift his blue dress up showing the women all throw town it done we women fined castrated males can mate in bed better then if they have balls.britney loves geldingswilling then if they had balls todays women make boys in to girls at age ten to stop sperm count at this age boys are to old to have them sperm school I am 12 my boyfriend was at ten my mom said that I get to see chad get neutered she shows me videos of male boys getting fix to in better there behavior and relax their sex drive mom told me it for their own good that they get fixed the women's comity ever four moths have a eunuch show for the girls of all ages it so girls like me who have no sex partner can pick one it a festival at the red tent is where they openly will castrate live in front of girls to show them how to remove the testicle safely theirs elastrator and bands then clamps then surgically removed then burdizzo then by straight razor I love to watch them lose their testicles for fun and enjoyment its satisfying to look at my peach panties get dirty quick with pussy cream and slimy cum just seeing them with nothing but a penis is sexy no sack or balls is the way I like it smoother and softer rubbing between his lags by the way that's how my gelding looks down their back in school.britney loves school so when the boys go back to school their trans for to the girls p e team where their checkup on to see if their nut sacks are empty if so the gelded boy will lay on the gym floor naked and a b and c teams will pick out 12 neutered boy to their all girls team now that their fixed their called girls too if you have balls your a boy but if not you are one of us girls iv been born with a pussy so iv got none so if he has none the he's a girl.the way gelding stands for girl eunuch means no balls or sack neill means no penis or sack plus no balls nothing at all we here don't ask of boys to lose that much just the balls come off but moms or girlfriend will ask the lady to cut its sack off to for the sexy looking in between his lags like my man I fined it clean easy to shave it him plus sex is good he f*ck me real good with his penis its hard like a stud I did after moth to weeks put him on female hormones to help stimulate the penis for sex after a year on women's hormones pills he was able to perform ok I stop slowly getting him off the pill much later he was fine with out having to take them it was my choice to castrated him with out asking him but he's the best sex toy servant ever not fake all I right is true hope that you uncut males get your self fix't for your wife if you love her let her castrate you it ok not to keep them in you don't need them to have sex ill make video to show everyone how it done with no balls or sack I do get tern on horny looking at boys neutered its not that bad as ladies out side are community say men boys guys get your balls removed I promise yea be fine good looking to naked and not naked me and my eunuch where panties we share them since the castration it helps him feel more better not having them he has pads to put on too to look like he has them in public out of geldings farm town ill up date laterbritny love geldingmy boyfriends balls rotten in a jar is on the bed stand to look at I don't feel bad about castrating my sex partner he sad some days because he miss having the their but after getting in bed over and over he ok not have balls he's my dildo no battery's needed just jerk it to warm it up hand hop up on the c*ck and ride your self to orgasm since he's been castrated im always get to be on top it my rules in the household he must clean the rooms bathroom and kitchen and the yard if all these things are done he will get more sex time in bed I some times will challenge him to nail my pussy if he can stick me it funny that he try's too he duse have at it if ill let him I like to do all the work in bed that's why iv castrated him so I can do the work on top I love being on top of everything the power control of his sex life putting him on female hormones the choice of how and when sex my be his penis works just fine every day I promise you ladies that no penis that cant work is useless to me if you cut off his balls he will still have sex just fine it just stop him from making sperm and stops him from getting the urges for pussy or wanting it all the time naturally this is my life born women living with an eunuch I hope iv been some help to you ladies out their that wish to make your man a eunuch its really the best thing in my life iv done to him for my benifet of sex with no kids.

I witness the entire procedure, it was really a simple operation. I would be so excited if a man asked me to castrate him. You can take my balls and even my dick if you want too. Jackftt ZOd whoah this blog is great i like reading your articles. You understand, lots of people are searching round for this information, you could help them greatly. BRy Exgz ZPKd CDGq JElfozz I16 What's Happening i am new to this, I stumbled upon this I've found It positively helpful and it has aided me out loads.

Ballsover40What it implys is there is some troll, who makes a regular circut of verious sites, hoping to find women to play with his nuts.

A few other guys (and possibly the same guy) claiming to be women start making ludicrous statements.

i crossdress on weekends and vacation time and pass at times as a woman. what matters is to be a female, and have a life with a man. George - melissa This is a bit much but as boys when being circumsized to also be castrated. Some males at birth would need to keep one testicle for procreation but after the birth of the child~What a gift to give your wife (Your remaining testicle under glass)Red Dog After we were married, my wife said she did not wnat to bring childre into this world as it is. I would lay back, let her tightly restrain me for her pleasure.

i need to be castrated for my dream of being a female. George - melissa George or if you prefer melissa, you say you want to live as a woman have you had sex with a man? if youre sincere then by all means be castrated and live your dream melissa. I want to feel the clamp shut and hear the chord crush, feel it when she pulls the testicle through the band and she releases the band, then tugs on the testicle to make sure the band is contracting and doing it's job, or feeling the needle go in the testicle and the mixture of chemicals slowly injected in the testicle and the small ache as they destruct. He writes me a prescription for antibiotics, pain meds and testosterone patches. All I have to do is make an appointment with a local clinic.

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