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At Mission Ridge the 24th Wisconsin with other regiments of the grd Division was standing in ranks at the foot of the steep and dangerous slope that rose in front of them, its wooded face cut by enemy rifle pits and gun emplacements.

Generals Grant, Thomas and Sheridan sat their horses to the rear.

So it was that the events of his father s early army life be came as real to the young boy as his own daily experiences.

It was almost as if he could remember far back beyond even his birth: remember Abraham Lincoln, the charge up Mission Ridge, the high mountains of the North West, the mule trains and dusty troopers, marching infantrymen and bearded scouts and the pungent smell of sweaty cavalry horses, the echoes of sunset guns and bugles sounding all the day through from re veille to taps.

It is Everyman s Mac Arthur, the full-length story of the boy, the man, the General, FRAZIER HUNT S friendship with Doug las Mac Arthur began on the battlefields of Franqe during World War I.

The young general, not quite six years the author s senior, had already caught the allure of Pacific destiny by the time that Hunt made his first long trip to the Orient Japan, Siberia, China, the Philippines, Australia, Southeast Asia, India.

" 223 PART THREE ENEMIES ON TWO FRONTS, 1942-1945 14 1942 War on a Shoestring 275 15 1943 The Bitter Year 297 16 Mac Arthur Escapes the Trap 314 17 1944 The Magic Touch at Leyte 337 18 1945 Luzon, the Brilliant Campaign of Liberation 356 P ART FOUR NO SUBSTITUTE FOR VICTORY, 1945-1954 19 A Sunday Morning on the Battleship Missouri 379 20 Mac Arthur Saves Japan From the Reds 40? While Washington Lets China Go Communist 432 22 A War He Was Not Permitted to Win 451 23 "The Crime of the Century" 478 24 Old Soldiers Never Die . He was a babe in arms when in July 1880 the Mac Arthur family of five made the trek there from the Rio Grande.

The Captain s wife and the three little boys took it all in true frontier style.

There was no coddling of army wives and army brats in those hard-bitten days.

On a May day in 1862, when Douglas father, Arthur Mac- Arthur, was about to turn 17, he had journeyed the long way from Milwaukee to Washington, with a letter of introduction from the Wisconsin governor to Abraham Lincoln.

The slender boy was taken to the President by Senator Doolittle, and the tall, gaunt Lincoln had put his arm around the boy s shoulders and explained sympathetically there were no more Presidential appointments to West Point for this June, but that the next year he could have one.

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