Liquidating assets divorce

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"It was Keith's idea to visit the boot camp," the insider said. The insider said their recent fights have gotten so bad that Keith has even left their Nashville home to stay overnight at a hotel. Of course, there have been times she's given up and walked out on him, too," the source revealed.

The Lion actress resisted and only relented when Keith threatened to leave for good. But in Vermont, the pair were side by side as they hashed out their problems.

In 2015, Keith was photographed hanging out with his opening act, fellow country singer Kelsea Ballerini, 24, on his tour bus. "She calls him out every time he's pictured with another woman," according to a friend.

"Keith is constantly defending himself from rumors of on-tour affairs with groupies and female singers."Nicole — who attended this year's Oscars alone because Keith had a concert — has even admitted to keeping close tabs on him when they are apart.

"They have been putting a Band-Aid over their problems for too long.

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(There could be a battle over the kids, as well.)The public may be shocked when Keith and Nicole inevitably announce a decision to separate. Said the friend, "Their marriage is in far bigger trouble than they're letting on."This story was originally published on our sister site Closer Magazine."They addressed a range of issues, including emotional intimacy, and focused on the root of their problems as they learned to break down walls and start working on their issues rather than plastering over the cracks," the insider explained. "Keith said he couldn't continue to live in a marriage where he felt like he was being constantly monitored like one of her children," the source shared."And Nicole ended up breaking down and spilled her heart out about how past relationships had damaged her, and she vowed to make a conscious effort to change things." The nearly weeklong retreat was intense.When the "Blue Ain't Your Color" singer moved to Nashville from Australia in the '90s, drugs "were my thing," he told Rolling Stone in 2016."I loved them." By the time he met Nicole in 2005, he was seven years sober following a rehab stay in 1998.

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