Lissy trullie annie clark dating

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I think she's got a bit more of that Southern politeness to her, but I get the sense that she's no extrovert. Did you guys not see that picture of them together looking like just friends?Seriously, they really looked like friends, nothing more. OMG am I the only one on here who doesn't think Annie and Carrie are dating?"my friend albert was waiting with people after a st.

While she was in Berklee, she and her fellow students released an EP called and worked for a while with heavy Rotation Records.Though she has been rumored of dating David Byrne, Lissy Trullie and Carrie Brownstein she has not officially confirmed the rumor. Vincent– or Annie Clark– hates being asked about her sexuality during interviews.She just seems like the type who's really in her head and doesn't deal well with people she doesn't know well.To me, Annie doesn't seem that extroverted or far off from Carrie on that front either. From everything I've read about Carrie or have heard her say, she just seems to be really high strung and not particularly good with dealing with people/too much stimulation.

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