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When the risks of Voldemort's revival are even greater with demons and gods added in to the mix.

Set in a world where Albus Dumbledore is a bit more proactive.

Travelling the world, his world is turn upside down when he meets a peculiar Vampire in Los Angeles on a quest for redemption.

He'd soon learn though, that his sworn nemesis wasn't quite done with him yet.

So, she indulged in her status as a trainer, a legal adult.And basing the level of enemy pokemon on rough estimates taken from encounters in game, like the average wild Tentacool being level 23, or Surge's Raichu being level 28.This is what I have so far: Pikachu – Medium Fast - Level 36 – 47,889Xp - After owning Scyther of the Yas Gym with a ketchup bottle.It's a whole new ball game now, just how far can Ash go?Working The Academy with Skill - Alternate Universe - Set in a world where new rules have been set upon new trainers.

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