Masturbation text chat evangelion dating sim game

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Lol XDYou: um You: sweet You: have u ever taken pics of urseld ever in private You: like a mirror Stranger: Yes. You: so we are playing truth or dare still You: lol You: ur sweet Stranger: HAHA. XD HAHAHAYou: tell me how lics would it take me to get to ur center Stranger: OTL THE MENTAL IMAGES D: You: lol Stranger: What? Stranger: XDStranger: I wear thongs sometimes XDStranger: Sometimes, I wear boxers. :p Stranger: XDDYou: oh You: lol You: so are u tall short thin You: chubs You: lol Stranger: I'm... OTLStranger: And I'm not too thin, but I'm not too chubby either XDYou: sweet Stranger: What sweet XD lololol. XDYou: so tell me Stranger: You're so far from me :p You: wat do u prefer Stranger: What? XDYou: i do have a nice cock You: lol Stranger: When was your first time? XDYou: umm You: 15Stranger: O__________OStranger: Too young. O_OYou: by ex gf You: lol Stranger: But you enjoyed it. : DYou: yes You: and how about you Stranger: Like... Stranger: Lol You: oh Stranger: XDYou: so ur not really experience Stranger: No XDDYou: sweet You: i can show u Stranger: Hahaha. OTLYou: actually Stranger: How many times have you been told? OTL OTL OTL XDYou: um You: like lots You: with You: me ex Stranger: LOTS HAHAHA. Stranger: HAHAStranger: Sorry XDYou: cocks Stranger: I don't know XDStranger: Are you small? Stranger: OTL OTL OTLYou: umm Stranger: XDYou: nice size You: i ben told Stranger: HAHAHA. Stranger: HAHAHAStranger: *nothing -.-You: so wats on ur mind wat do u feeling tlking about You: entertain me You: lol Stranger: ...nothing actually. HAHA XDStranger: Fail me XDYou: hey do u feel like playing a game Stranger: What game? Cool : D Okay : DYou: ok You: well u ask the first question Stranger: Hmmm... Stranger: Female : DYou: ok You: lol You: how are you Stranger: Age? I'm 18 too : DYou: sweet You: where u from Stranger: Hong Kong : D but I'm originally from the Phils. You: canada Stranger: Cool : DYou: so wat are u doing rie now You: beside chatting with me You: lol Stranger: Nothing. XDYou: any way u feel You: lol You: try me You: lol Stranger: I don't know what to do. XDStranger: Okay : DYou: ok how far have u gone with a guy Stranger: ... Stranger: OTLYou: u mean all the way You: lol Stranger: Yes. You: so wats ur favorite sexual position Stranger: I'll just ask you if I want to know something : DStranger: O_______OStranger: I don't know what to call them. inside her Stranger: XDDYou: u know wat i mean You: lol Stranger: I know. OTLYou: that so turns me on Stranger: XDStranger: Have you experienced a threesome?

OTL OTLYou: and the head of me cock is big You: so she told me to not move because it hurt her Stranger: I think...

I can't breathe because of laughing too much XDYou: i make it fit inside ur tight little sweet pussy Stranger: XDDYou: i would just put it in u You: i wouldnt i mean Stranger: O_________O That would hurt. She asked me why I'm laughing so much XDStranger: I had to close my laptop. Stranger: O_________________________OYou: lol You: so would u like that Stranger: Until I'm what...? You: im gonna fuck u hard and deep You: then doggy style hard and deep baby You: cum for me baby cum Stranger: yeahh.

:p Stranger: Lololololol XDYou: oh You: so are u a little wet Stranger: ... :)You: baby i do u want my big cock now Stranger: Shit yes.

OTLYou: is ur panty u have on getting wet as we speak bab You: babe Stranger: Yes OTLOTLYou: oh how i would love to smell ur little and taste u You: rite now Stranger: XDD but you can't :p Stranger: You're so far from me :/Stranger: XDYou: are u turned on You: like me \Stranger: Yeah. It's your fault XDYou: lol You: would u like it if i was there in ur room Stranger: Of course. ;)Stranger: HAHAStranger: OTL OTL OTLYou: with my cock hard ready You: for u You: wat would u like me to do with you if i was Stranger: That would be... OLTStranger: *OTLYou: wow Stranger: And it's your fault. I'm wet OTLOTL XDYou: lol Stranger: OTL this is embarrassing.

XDStranger: lol You: well we can spoon each other Stranger: Spoon? O_OStranger: You: if u want half my cock or all the way deep inside u Stranger: I think half first... OTLYou: touch it tell me Stranger: I can feel even if I haven't touch it yet. ;)You: oh just alid here and slike my hand down my boxers and stroking my cock thinking about you Stranger: O_____________OYou: how ud feel around my cock Stranger: That's... Stranger: Maybe next time, babe :p You: ok You: i would like to umm Stranger: What? I'm not good at describing things XD just imagine it XDStranger: Me wearing gray panties XD HAHAStranger: OTLStranger: XDYou: how moist are u rite now between ur legs\Stranger: Like so moist. XDYou: would u let me baby Stranger: I will Stranger: HAHAHAStranger: OTLYou: damn im so hard and horny for u rite now You: i want to cum Stranger: ;)Stranger: O__OStranger: Lol. You know :p Stranger: XDYou: would u suck my cock baby You: are u more wetter and moist You: rite now Stranger: Yes and yes. You: i want to show u my cock You: rite now You: so u can see how hard u make me You: baby You: make urself cum for me Stranger: XDDStranger: OTLStranger: It would be so hard to type with one hand though XDYou: thats ok just tell me ur now rubbing ur pussy for me Stranger: Not yet. Once she goes out of my room ;)You: ok You: are u turned on even more baby Stranger: I did? XDYou: oh is she gone Stranger: Not yet :/Stranger: I want to throw her out of my room. OTLYou: telll me baby are u leaking yet You: i mean ur moist little pussy on to ur panty Stranger: I told you already.

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