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Nothing frightened him nor fascinated him, and through an extraordinary independence of mind, he became a veritable challenge to the philosophies of Aristotle and Plotinus and to their Muslim representatives before him, al-Farabi and ibn Sina.

The main trends of the religious and philosophical thought of al-azālī, however, come close to the temper of the modern mind.

but found, like Kant, that it was impossible to build theology on reason alone.The champions of the modern movement of religious empiricism, on the one hand, and that of logical positivism, on the other, paradoxical though it may seem, would equally find comfort in his works.The teachings of this remarkable figure of Islam pertaining either to religion or philosophy, either constructive or critical, cannot, however, be fully understood without knowing the story of his life with some measure of detail, for, in his case, life and thought were one: rooted in his own personality.But al-Ghazālī was one of those rare minds whose originality is not crushed by their learning.-He was a born critic and possessed great independence of thought.It was verily during his studentship at the Nizamiyyah Academy of Nishapur that he became impatient of dogmatic teaching and freed himself from the bondage of authority (taqlid) and even showed the signs of scepticism.azālī learnt more about the theory and practice of Sufism.

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