My friend is dating another guy

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Don't assume that just because he has a female best friend, that means something shady is going on.

If you do this, you'll start stressing before you even know any other information.

This time, make sure you tell him the specific things that bother you rather than just saying something like, "I don't like you being close with her." Saying a blanket statement like that will just make you look jealous and insecure, and will make him defensive.

If you have concrete examples of things, you're more likely to get somewhere.

Don't pretend nothing is happening, because then you can't expect him to ever know how you feel about it.

Without being confrontational or angry, tell him that you're a little nervous about him spending alone time with another woman.

If you make him choose, there's a chance he might choose her out of principle, and then you'll lose him.

Give things time and see what happens before you jump to conclusions.

Being mean to this girl is only going to make her defensive... But there's nothing wrong with becoming really friendly with her. Source: Shutter Stock Don't take your cues from movies or TV shows by trying to do something evil to break these two apart.

and then if his best friend doesn't like you, she's probably going to say something to him, which will make you look bad. Hang out with the two of them and show an interest in their friendship. That's immature, and it will also probably backfire.

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After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. Completely different dude I am talking about, I know a lot of guys, sorry if it seems like I am talking about the same guy all the time, when this is a different guy, and I am kinda confused about his behavior. But see, if you talk to other guys, then there's a chance you'll hook up with them as well.

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