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Sometimes the universe decides I don’t have enough rage in my life. This is an idea repeated over and over again, from toxic Pick-Up Artists like Roosh “Once you’ve had sex with a girl 3 times, there is nothing interesting or useful she will give you for the remainder of the relationship.” V to the Austin Institute for the Study of Family and Culture. is a self-consciously hip whiteboard-style talk in the style of Minute Physics, because nothing makes slut-shaming go down easier than cutesy rip-offs of popular You Tube channels.

Of course, this is bad for everyone because having low-commitment sex means men simply won’t grow up because why should they.

To quote straight from the video: The “price” varies widely.

But if women are the gatekeepers, why don’t very many women “charge more” so to speak? The “market value” of sex is part of a social system of exchange, an “economy” if you will, wherein men and women learn from each other—and from others—what they ought to expect from each other sexually.

And then you have the issue of just where trans men and women fall into this spectrum of “sex” and “commitment”…

But just as the video gets the science wrong – with an air of “just trust us on this, m’kay?

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