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People give up too quickly -- which is what I've seen as a marriage and family therapist for many years. I don't get to see my dad more than once every couple years, if I'm lucky. I would get really upset and lock myself in my room. If you don't get along and happen to get married please, DONT HAVE KIDS! "Kids are resilient" is a lie that parents tell themselves so that they can go about making their own selfish choices without regard for what it's going to do to their children. There was no abuse or infidelity or addiction, and my mom can't claim that my dad changed over the course of their marriage - they'd known each other since the age of 3.

I've just had released a little book that can help: "A Short Guide to a Happy Marriage." Take a look, seek therapy, etc., etc., do everything you can before you consider divorce! One time being with my dad I was riding a four-wheeler and fell off; I broke my arm. She knew exactly who and what she was saying "I Do," to.

What is being modeled for the children about marriage and relationships? What impact (positive and negative) would parents living apart have on the children?

Consider the child's temperament, age, your finances, health, safety, and resources.3. Try committing yourself fully to the marriage for 6 months and see how that feels.

Living With Mom, Spending Time With Dad takes us through a myriad of emotions that two children, Stephen and Alex,experience through this tumultuous period.

It took me until I was 31 to rebuild the relationship I once had with my dad.

My brother and my sister are still not able to have healthy relationships with him. Why should they have to, when my mom showed them that you can just go out and get yourself a brand new dad if the first one doesn't work out?

Looking over my life, I can easily see how the absence of my father led me to make very poor decisions when it came to romantic relationships (including one decision that led to me being date raped, and another that led me to being stalked by someone who threatened to kill me more than once), because I was seeking male attention that should have come, at that age, from my dad, but didn't, because my parents chose divorce.

It took me until I was 21 to straighten myself out - my college career in particular was a direct casualty - I was so sick of my parents fighting about money that I dropped out to shut them up. (I eventually finished, under my own steam and paying for it by myself).

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