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"We broke out this new area that has something interesting about each title personalized for you." Here, Netflix will tell you if any of your friends watched the title, or if it might be a good fit for you based on your viewing history (recommending , for instance).

Diving into a TV series populates episodes on the left, showing a screenshot, a viewing progress bar and an episode synopsis at a glance.

All if this backend innovation will have casualty though: Jaffe told us that Xbox 360 users who update to the new interface won't be able to use Kinect gesture control anymore -- the update uses a Netflix-sourced voice protocol that doesn't leave room for the floating hand trick.

This Mac video downloader helps you one-click download You Tube and any other videos.

Detect the video automatically as soon as you play it and download video at very high speed.

The only device guaranteed not to be on the docket?

The Xbox One: Netflix says it's been working with Microsoft to create an experience that matches the existing Xbox paradigm.

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