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Spin drying is much gentler on clothes than tumble drying because your laundry won't be unnecessarily subjected to long periods of tumbling under high heat. It extracts almost 10 times as much water from clothes when compared to a high end washing machine's spin cycle.

You will save time and money when you dry your clothes with this environmentally friendly appliance. No heat is used, but clothes come out nearly all the way dry in only 3 minutes. This is my second spin dryer, so my pros and cons are a comparison of the two.

It spins faster, and has a metal inner drum for long lasting performance.

If almost nine pounds is still not enough room, the original Portable Spin Dryer is nearly identical to the Junior, but it can hold almost 14 pounds of clothing.

This portable dryer spins at 1600 rpm, and uses centrifugal force to dry clothes.

In just 2-3 minutes you will see an incredible amount of water drain from the hose at the bottom of the unit.

In just a few minutes your laundry will be slightly damp to the touch.

The drying process can then be completed by hanging your clothes on a line, placing them on a drying rack, or simply putting them in a regular dryer for a very short period of time.

I live in a very small apartment, and I do a lot of handwashing of delicate and special items, as well as Zumba clothes.It connects to any standard, 110V outlet, and no complex installation or hookup is required.The compact size, and light weight make it easy to move, store and carry, so it adapts to many situations, and fits almost anywhere.You will also notice soap and other minerals being rinsed out as well.This is because the Mini Spin Dryer will not only remove more water from your laundry, it will also get out residual detergents and other contaminates that would otherwise be cooked into your fabrics due to the heat of a traditional dryer. IMPORTANT: Please note that this is a spin dryer, not a regular tumble dryer.

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