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i've never had an atv go in as rough of places as i can take my rzr and i've never had an atv go somewhere that i couldnt take the rzr through a whole lot easier unless there are two large trees less than 60 inches apart. I'm also getting a bit of heat on the safety issues of an ATV vs. What is your opinion (bias to Sx Ss I'm certain ) on these machines vs. It just didn't seem to have much snap..maybe that's because it was brand new and not broken in yet.

While I still enjoy hill climbing my 800 Bombardie in the sand and occasionally the woods we both enjoy our RZR for about 90% of our riding. The RZR has a longer wheel base and thats a known fact.They are a blast and are especially fun when you have a passenger.I have been riding dirt bikes and ATV's all my life.You dont have to spend alot to get alot of of these things.If going fast is your main concern add a turbo and you will feel a big diff.

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    You can access the below list of apps or websites with your Play Station™Network credentials.

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    Die unterschiedlichen Perspektiven der Mitglieder und ihre weitreichende Praxiserfahrung bilden eine solide Basis für die Arbeit der DGNB.

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    Amy and Zack show some PDA that they've only saved for the bedroom. ""Zack is a prideful person,"" Amy says as she runs after him.