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Create a bot for customer service, sales, advertising, technical support, or just for fun.Creating and embedding a virtual agent is free and easy.Host your own bot platform with the Bot Libre Corporate Bot Platform.The Bot Libre Corporate Bot Platform provides a centralized intelligence server for corporate and government intranets, and bot service providers.(I also created an embarrassing pun-based username that I still actively spend hours trying to forget.) Sure, I’d message my friends and work up the nerve to ping my middle school crush during the few riveting moments his screen name popped up online, but one of the best parts of AIM messenger was Smarter Child, the AI chatbot that knew the answers to any question I could think of, and even had a personality.Chatbots are not a new invention, and in 2018, they’re everywhere.

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Bot Libre for Business provides the same services as Bot Libre commercially.

Upload your own images, video, and audio, or choose from our directory of free 3D animated avatars.

When, in seventh grade, I finally had my very first AOL email account, I was quickly pulled into the world of AIM messenger.

Bot Libre allows anyone to create their own chat bot for free, including free hosting, even for commercial bots.

You can create your own bot, and embed it on your own website, or blog.

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