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Samuel Axon of Ars Technica called the A11 processor "a marvelous feat of engineering", writing that it offers "industry-leading performance".

Recent developments in applications of terrestrial in situ cosmogenic nuclides (TCN) from bedrock and saprolite allow the derivation of soil production rates, at scales ranging from local (sub-hillslope) to catchment wide, generally averaged over timescales of 10 years.

Estimates of the role of flora, fauna and processes such as freeze–thaw that mix soil mantles to depth, have been limited prior to optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating techniques. (Paris Ecole Normale Superiere: Paris) Lee, KE , and Wood, TG (1971).

Recently derived OSL mixing rates extend the magnitude of previous partial, short-term bioturbation rates. ‘Regolith dating methods—a guide to numerical dating techniques.’ (Cooperative Research Centre for Landscape Evolution and Mineral Exploration: Canberra) Pillans B, Spooner N, Chappell J (2002) The dynamics of soils in north Queensland: rates of mixing by termites determined by single grain luminescence dating.

Mc Cann also praised the camera and called wireless charging a "useful" addition to the i Phone lineup.

David Pierce of Wired similarly stated that i Phone 8 models were overshadowed by i Phone X, despite calling them "virtually perfect phones".

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