Oromo single dating

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In the new phase of migration adopted under Meslé, the Oromo defeated Gelawdewos's troops in Jan Amora, allowing them to pillage a number of towns.

Instead of returning to their homelands, however, they stayed in the new territories.

In addition to his book, further information can be gleaned from other contemporaries such the Ethiopian monk Abba Paulos, Shihab ed-Din's Futuh al-Habasha "Conquest of Abyssinia", João Bermudes, Francisco de Almeida, Jerónimo Lobo, and various royal chronicles (e.g.

those of Gelawdewos, Sarsa Dengel, and Susenyos I, though that of Sarsa Dengel may have been written by Bahrey).

According to Bahrey, the earliest Oromo migrations occurred under the Oromo luba Melbah, during the time of Emperor Lebna Dengel.

He states that they invaded the neighboring Bale in the Southeast just before the invasions of Ahmad ibn Ibrahim al-Ghazi of Adal (also known as Ahmed Gure) in the north.

All of Dewaro was pillaged and Fetegar to its north was attacked for the first time.

Actual settlement of new territories would not begin until the lubaship of Meslé.

Luba (Ge'ez ሉባ lūbā) is an "appointed" head of one of the five groups of the Oromo clans.

These early incursions (Oromo: razzia) were limited, however, as the encroaching groups returned to their homeland near the Shebelle River after each raid.

Raids continued under Mudena past the Wabi Shebelle, but these groups also returned home shortly.

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