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It takes time to become comfortable with an ostomy — a surgically created opening in your abdomen that allows waste or urine to leave your body. Will everyone figure out you've had urostomy surgery just by looking at you? If you've been given the OK from your doctor to resume your regular diet, eat what you like.

Many questions may run through your mind as you plan your first ventures outside of your home. If you have a colostomy or ileostomy, you'll find that various foods affect your digestive tract differently.

It's up to you to decide who to tell about your ostomy surgery.

It may make sense to tell the people closest to you.

Check with your local medical supply store or look online for specialty products for active people with ostomies.

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Knowing how each food affects your digestion means you'll spend less time worrying about the food's effects and more time having fun with friends.It may help to chew your food thoroughly and drink plenty of water.Unless your favorite hobby is a contact sport with lots of potential for injury, you'll be free to go back to the activities you enjoy after you heal from ostomy surgery.These people may be worried about your recovery, and explaining your ostomy may ease their fears.Talking with loved ones is also a healthy way to cope with your emotions.

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