Oxford guide to dating posh

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The mystery diner’s comments included 'the chips were perfect, crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside as proper chips should be,' as well as 'the staff were friendly and efficient in their service.' He also said that the cod was cooked to perfection and that he 'could not fault it'.

I do find it slightly amusing that its competitor, The Oxford Student, grabbed the article prior to its deletion and is running it in full on its own site. She duly worked her way through the Eton rugby team before re-eloping with the same floppy-haired wanker on her gap year in Phuket.” An Oxford University women’s campaign officer: “Treating women like objects that lack any autonomy in who they date or sleep with is outdated and boring.Yesterday, The Sunday Times reported that a Foreign Office official called David Floyd had passed material to the Soviets during the Forties while employed in the Russian secretariat of the British Embassy in Moscow.He was also strongly suspected of having done the same while working in our embassies in Belgrade and Prague.In our view this piece was attempting to satirise the misogynistic (and, indeed, misandrist) ‘how to…’ dating guides that pervade the mainstream media.However, this tone was perhaps not conveyed as well as it should have been, and if it caused any offence then we are very sorry.

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