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Say Something takes another bite at the dating gamification cherry, but this time, Gazdik says he’s trying to offer something that also appeals to female users.However there’s one pretty big caveat here: the app makers reckon it’s men who mostly want and need dating conversation practice.Where, in fact, it’s helpful feedback if your cloying online overtures are met with a barrage of ROFLs and LMAOs because you’ll know to avoid trying that particular line IRL.I’m half convinced this app is actually a cunning ruse designed to defuse the self-consciousness of dating by making it into a bit of a game — thus allowing people who want to go on dates to meet other like-minded single folk and get chatting without having to have those awkward first conversations framed by the awkward ‘first date’ context.

Or rather where, if they do, it doesn’t matter because you’re not actually on a date yet.Except they are arguably even more awkwardly framed as ‘this is me pretending to be on a first date’.But then that awkwardness is probably actually going to make things pretty funny — thereby oiling the wheels of a fun first (faux) date. Not so, says Say Something’s London-based founder and CEO Marian Gazdik. “Our objective is to help people improve using our app and THEN go and meet people, using Match, e Harmony, Zoosk or whatever,” he stresses.On the other hand, she can just smile at him, or ask him something in an innocent way, right?” says Gazdik via email, wading deeper into gender stereotyping.

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