Process for invalidating a patent

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You should also remember that in the case of all granted patents, whether or not the PCT is used to obtain them, you will need to pay maintenance fees in each country in order to keep the patents alive.PCT fee reductions are available to all applicants who file electronically, based on the type of filing and the format of the application submitted (see Question 7).PCT applicants generally pay three types of fees when they file their international applications: (a) an international filing fee of 1,330 Swiss francs depending on the ISA chosen, and (c) a small transmittal fee which varies depending on the receiving Office.Because an international patent application is effective in all PCT Contracting States, you do not incur, at this stage in the procedure, the costs that would arise if you prepared and filed separate applications at national and regional Offices.Both of those Offices act as PCT “receiving Offices”.

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Moreover, it helps you to manage your applications, for example, with monitoring time limits for relevant actions.

If there are several applicants, each must satisfy those criteria.

Some ISAs also provide for a reduction of the international search fee if the applicant or applicants are nationals or residents from certain countries (see Annex D of the ).

The contains a yearly list of the largest PCT filers.

In general terms, your international patent application, provided that it complies with the minimum requirements for obtaining an international filing date, has the effect of a national patent application (and certain regional patent applications) in or for all PCT Contracting States.

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