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The highlight for me for the event was the finger food! I believe that they generally run a good night and compared to other dating places it is very good value for money.

The problem I have found is the quality of the females who attend.

:) I am convinced after attending a number of events over the last 2 years that fast impressions is an elaborate scam.

I attended an event one month ago, once again they were short of women so a few guys had to miss dates.

I understand if girls tend to be more flaky and bail at the last minute, but it's always the women who don't turn up, so in future book more gals then guys, and maybe let the women sit out at the bar for once.However, I particularly knew these girls because there were extremely unresponsive.They didn't show slightest interest in being there, turned away their faces almost always and they often left immediately after.If you wait till the day before the event, the price is much cheaper (from half price to about a quarter of full price, especially for men, a species always in demand since many die young at war or because they are married :) ).In the two meetings I have attended there was nobody I felt strikingly interesting and I had the feeling I was attending a job interview with all the other applicants also present.

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