Proper dating etiquette in bangladesh

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Anyone with is or has parents/friends/family who are not natural born knows what im talking about.Treat him as if he was just any other guy, and dont dwell on where he came from.We fight, talk about it and then I find out that it's not that she doesn't care, but rather that she doesn't express it the same way I do. Like, as a man I'm expected to do certain things and her culture also boxes her into roles at times.I don't mind most of these culture roles, and if I did they're not worth fighting over. Religion: Religion is not a source of fights because we both share the same point of view, but I can see this being a problem for other couples.He's in his early thirties, born and raised in Bangladesh but now in the U. He is so sweet, and it's been increasingly clear that he likes me in those shy-guy sorts of ways (lots of 'accidental' eye contact, always deferring to me in class, standing near me so I'll talk to him, general compliments, etc.). I'd say ask him out and get to know him on a personal level. He is Muslim and doesn't drink himself but is perfectly tolerant of others (Bangladeshis and Americans) who do and will come out to the bars with them. I'm on my first and a WASPy girl in my mid-twenties from a small town in the Midwest. Sure, there are trends, so it's fine to ask, but you need to understand that those trends may not actually apply to the guy in question.Its certainly on his mind and if he can see its not on yours he will appreciate you so much more for it. We met as friends 10 years ago when I was studying Japanese and fell in love somewhere along the way.We've been married for 4 years now with two kids.

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He's probably feeling a ton of pressure about talking to you, especially since you can reasonably expect the other Bangladeshi's to be talking about you guys. Remember that his cultural norms and your cultural norms are likely to be very different.Open conversation will assuage any potential problems. I know he's single, since that was mentioned by a friend of his earlier, but I have no idea about his family, aside from the fact that he has a sister.Feel free to ask me any questions about the culture and I'll answer as best as I can. That will have to be broached if this goes anywhere, I'm sure.The rest is a fun mystery, which is true of any new person. I get what you're saying, but I think I'd phrase it differently.I do have a couple questions, if you don't mind! The fact that his cultural background is different than mine should be irrelevant to whether or not I'd consider dating him or how I'd treat him as a person, yes.

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