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And to be sure, the very woman that the PUA “Pick Up Artist” suggests is a good prospect IS a girl like “La Shaun,” and she’s not checking for swagger as her first indicator of a high-value man.In essence, the author is giving the right advice for the WRONG type of black woman.If you’re young (college or just out of college), girls do not have high expectations. Since girls do not have high expectations when you’re 18-22 years old, do not try to use money to get girls. They are more concerned with you being a cool and attractive person. If you are making ~0K out of college as an investment banker, you’re going to have a slight edge over your competition. When you start making ~0K at age 26-28 you are now in the top ~10% in major cities and life will get significantly easier. Even if you’re still trying to date younger girls they *expect* you to have some income.

Unlike other places on the Internet, we are going to break down the income brackets for you in a simple graph. Everyone has a loss somewhere on their dating resume.Take in the comments with a strong backbone, because they pull no punches (and to the black dudes up in there throwing shade and discouraging non-black men to stay away from us, I’m looking at you.)To be fair, many of the tips and techniques the author suggested rang true, like these…*Don’t treat black women like she’s your Jungle Fever fantasy* A white guy’s best bet is to approach a black woman with a diverse group of friends (which is spot on since that’s the advice we give black women to signal non-black guys that they’re open to getting to know them socially and perhaps, eventually romantically).One subsequent commenter even went so far as to advise white guys to stay far, far away from black women who self-segregate. He tells his thousands of male readers that basically black women value swagger above all else. He, like many non-black men, think that most black women worship on the alter of black penis.This means you need to It becomes much more complicated at these levels.If you’re doing great on all of the other items (looks, status, social skills) you only need to generate about 3x the median income.

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