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I saw their point, but still…I’m not entirely convinced. One article that especially inspired me to write this post is Aziz Ansari’s article on “modern romance” of the Internet, which you can find here. Perhaps it just comes with experience; it’s all about living and learning, folks. Maybe they will be a sweet couple, but first she needs to get dressed up for her date.Can you help her pick the right clothers for her date? I might write another post distinguishing the two in the future, so stay tuned! In any case, while I am not against online dating or finding love online, I am quite skeptical of it, especially when it comes to committal, long-term relationships.I also want to say that I think hook-ups/flings, are fine, even fun and all, but if one is expecting marriage in the future, then I pause a bit.Maybe she tends to be moody on Mondays or perhaps he is a perfectionist with having the house super clean.

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That’s why online websites/apps are helpful for “expanding” that pool, and finding more diverse, as well as like-minded, people (a contradiction perhaps, but that’s fine).

Some relationships in which couples had originally met online do end up working out, even resulting in marriage.

But there have been studies showing that breakup rates tend to be higher for online couples than offline ones, in both marital and non-marital relationships (see one study here).

You could say that I come from the older, “traditional” conception of dating (e.g.

meeting someone in person through mutual friends/relatives at some event, going on dates and hitting it of, etc.), and now this new tradition of meeting people on the Internet seems quite….

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