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Off the pole (but on the record), we chatted with two female strippers about how often they get hit on, how they meet men and how their stage names came to be. Do you prefer the term stripper or dancer or something else? Girls get offended by the term, “stripper”, but it is what it is. KKD: I always say that I'm a “dancer who strips” versus a “stripper who dances” since my background is as a professional dancer and specialty artist.

That's what they call them, and you can tell they love it, or at least like it, and they are so good," she explains."I don't care about other girls looking at him, and having to touch him... Dan has driven a wedge between Eleni and her mom, who doesn't approve."Things have been much better (between us)," she says of her mom, who has never met Dan, but after finding out his full name, Googled him and was unhappy with what she saw."(My mom and I) have barely spoken since (Dan and I) started dating," she admits.There were lots of amazing experiences and lots of learning lessons on my way to becoming a mental ninja. As long as you can rock the audition process, you can walk into any club in the area, audition, and be working there 30 minutes later. NL: I met my man in the Strip Club while I was stripping. While other girls were flocking to the dudes spewing out dollars, I couldn’t help but notice E. The nights can be hard if your honey works days, but like any good relationship, if you want it to work you’ll figure out at way. During my time stripping, I’ve connected with people both in romantic situations and in business situations. I retired because I met my man, fell in love, and had a baby. Because I was dancing, I never needed to get a small business loan – which was awesome.When I first started stripping, this was my biggest shock: how many people I met inside the club that I then went on to work with in a business capacity. If not, how many more years will you likely be involved? I'm on the tail end side of being the "pretty girl" – great genes and dark lighting have customers peg me 10 years younger than my actual age, including plastic surgeons – but that's okay, because striping has allowed me to grow into being financially independent. don't spend all your money on shoes and handbags, and invest wisely you can set yourself up for life. I’ve produced burlesque shows in 45 states with my work with Pin-Ups on Tour, Workin’ The Tease, and The Green Light District.

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