Router updating values from configuration document dating tv program uk

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I get a message to say that the number I have dialed is incorrect or incomplete. Thanks to this posts I got the admin password and can now log on and change the default passwords. loginuser=2 User: admin Pass: Y3s0ptus there may be a way to turn it on in the expanded advanced menu as there is a crap load of options there once you enable that second gui interface but i gave up on it and connected my asus rt-ac3200 ( just got it ) and my gigaset c610a phone and it works great thanks to the posts here as well Got my opts modem today – however my install isnt due until 3/7 Plugged it in and logged in as Admin with the Y3s0ptus Got the sys file – however obviously the router needs to be connected to populate this info So optus have told me I can do my own NBN install and are sending out the modem. Anything I need to do to get it activated once I hook it up?

I have spoken the Optus tech support who assure me that there are no restrictions on my phone. Guess it will give me a chance to crack open the admin.

Here's a screenshot of my setting, Edit: Also getting an error with the proxy server entered as an option for outbound calls I find this funny, I solved my problem myself after hours of trying to get it to work. I have retrieved the new admin password which is more cryptic than before. My problem was that X-Lite was in a PC that was connected to a 2nd router which was connected to SAGEMCOM.The sip password did not looked encrypted but it is. Under SERVICE PROVIDER I created a new VOIP provider and filled out as followed SIP Domain Name (from optus modem) SIP Proxy (from optus modem) SIP Proxy Port 5060SIP Outbound Proxy (from optus modem) SIP Outbound Proxy Port 5060SIP Registrar (from optus modem) SIP Registrar Port 5060 4.Under SIP ACCOUNT I created a new VOIP Account and filled out as followed Extension 07xxxxxxxx Display Name 07xxxxxxxx Username 07xxxxxxxx Password I Decrypted the Password from between the Paul 88888, you are awesome, that worked perfectly. from the end of the password Now I have been able to change the router password and make it more secure Now to try to work out how to set up port forwarding...Having set up a siphone the hard way in the past I am aware that there may be a setting to always prefix a dialed number with my local prefix 03 unless I dial a different a different one. :) Yes, my installation was like this too because the apartment I was moving into already had the nbnco equipment installed.It seems to me that this may be my issue but I see nothing in the Fritz! However, I did have an issue where I needed to call Optus because I could get an IP address but had no data flow.

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