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You are Yuu Kazehaya (優風早) of Taiyou High School, and your team has recently won the regional tournament to compete in the Interhigh Championship which is 45 days away!is planned to have more than 30 hours of total content, mosaic-free adult scenes, and many other elements you’d expect to see in a dating sim.Below is a complete list of features for the final product: - Over 10 hours of content planned for the direct route over 45 days - Over 20 hours of content if you explore all character route options - Original soundtrack - Multiple romanceable characters - Partial voice acting - Stat, money, and bond management system - Day and night cycles with a Map system - Mosaic free patch available upon release000 Improved Art [563.50 USD] Unlocking this tier will allow us to produce more art on top of the already impressive amount that we are creating. 000 Additional Love Interest ( 2 months development) [876.20USD] 5 girls are better than 4!When this tier is unlocked, we'll be able to introduce another romance-able character route in place of the 'locked' character as seen in the stat screen.500 Epilogue ( 1 month development) [345.25 USD] A bonus chapter of what happens to everyone after the Interhigh Championship is over.

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