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After some of the phrases I have included information from references.And I have added contributions from visitors to this site. When I discovered my dog Lady had puppies, I ran “out the path” to my grandparents’ house to tell the news.According to a second reference, the word “brand” “…dates back to the Middle Ages and earlier, when ‘brand’ meant ‘flame or torch’ as it does in the still current phrase ‘snatching a ‘brand’ from the burning.’ The description ‘brand-new’ in those days was applied to products – usually made of metal – newly taken from the flames in which they were molded.” (.It is chiefly southern Appalachian and can mean self-assertive, headstrong, foppish, overbearing. A visitor to this page -- Lesa, whose family is from Union, W. -- reports that her family used "bungfuzzled" to mean "completely confused about something."Cherry Creek dip is a section of road in Raleigh County.“Bag store” refers to the little paper bags used to hold the bottles.“I see you’ve been to the bag store.” See JTF wrote that when something was slowly making his grandmother angry, “…she claimed to be taking a ‘balloon ascension.’” Wheeling, W. I am guessing balloon ascension is related to this phrase: -- trouble is brewing.A person who divorces on grounds other than adultery and marries again is considered by some to be committing adultery with the new spouse.

Va., on (15 March 2010) someone wrote: "If you know how to drive on the 'big road,' and have been out of West Virginia you will know that being a freak is a good thing." (Big = interstate, I assume.) At short intervals.During World War I and II, observatory or defensive barrage balloons were launched skyward before battle.“The mere fact that these…balloons had ‘gone up’ would signal that some form of action was imminent.” War Slang: American Fighting Words and Phrases from the Civil War to the War in Iraq, Second Edition, by Paul Dickson, 2007, First Bristol Park Books, New York. If a spouse commits adultery, the innocent party may get a divorce and remarry without religious censure.“Dictionary of American Regional English,” Volume 1 by Frederic G. If you drive slow there at night, a ghost will get in your car. The ghost was a person killed in a wreck and won't stay in a speeding car.Cassidy (1985, Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass., and London, England). “[Feisty and ] mean nigh about the same thing, only there's a differ. A version of the story is online at Our television reception was almost nonexistent -- one "regular channel" and educational TV. A friend was helping a Spanish-speaking neighbor practice her English.

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