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She is a member of the Board of Directors of Affirmation LGBT Mormons, Families & Friends, an administrator of the Trans Active LDS Facebook Support Group, and founder of the Families and Gender Variance Project As a transgender woman, she has powerful life experience with family communication, stages of grieving and mindfulness.She has worked within her own family and with many other transgender youth and adults to navigate the challenges and triumphs of living authentically.A practicing architect for over thirty years in New York and Utah, her career has included managing worldwide construction programs and many of the largest projects of the LDS Church.Today she is in private practice in Salt Lake City, UT. Hall also served the LDS Church in several prominent leadership capacities ecclesiastically but has recently been excommunicated from the church.Laura co-produced “The Forefront Talks youtube series: A story about coming out in church and how to ideally support those who do” and published an Op-Ed in the Deseret News refuting the use of gay conversion therapies.Laura continues to write on her personal blog “Stars in the Ocean” to promote increased social support for LGBT/SSA Mormons no matter what their life path.Board Members and officers of Affirmation are responsible for directing the activities of Affirmation as an organization, promoting growth, keeping the Affirmation community informed, organizing conferences, and defining the promoting the goals of Affirmation.

The family of Jairo Fernando González Díaz was among the first LDS converts in Colombia, hence the unusual trajectory of an active Mormon since boyhood in a conservative and Catholic society where Mormonism was barely known.The mission he served in different cities of Colombia, accentuated his leadership skills and his religious convictions.His professional training included a professional degree from the Colombian Polytechnic, as well as the development of his expertise as an auditor in renowned law firms such as Price Waterhouse Coopers and Nexia International.She resigned her old name from the records of the church last year. She and her husband, David Moore, live in Utah and are parents of three sons.She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at the University of San Francisco. She attended BYU and Princeton, where she earned a Ph. Her middle child, Grayson Moore, is FTM transgender.

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