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We're never too old to learn, nor am I for 'lapping up the nectar' of the opposite persuasion who's still in good shape and health also.

I'm 51 going on 37 ..I totally floored my much younger coworkers when I told them that I just may be older than their parents, and I have been conversing w/them for months about what mostly interests them for life.

Brooks and Vicki split in August 2015 after years of quarreling.

On Sunday Tamara Tattles reported that Brooks and Christy had wed, though they did not give an exact date for their ceremony.

Paying attention to ones mate regarding there experince and level of pleasure. I only write from my own experince and I have been without a partner for far to long.

Starting perhaps on the inner thighs, and going from there. I say a slimer partner because they are easier to hold up when hands are under the buttocks. There is something to be said about not spending to much time in the clit area but moving away and then coming back.

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For me there is great joy in not just diving in, but treating the area with light minupulations of the tonque or mouth not just heading for the clitoral region.They shared a photo from the church with Brooks in a dark suit and his wife in a white sleeveless V-neck lace dress holding a bouquet of pink-and-white roses.He works as a medical sales representative and she is a sales director for a tire company.Gunvalson denied involvement in his claims he had cancer.It seemed that Ayers having cancer helped ratings for the show and made viewers more interested in him and Vicki.

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