Shy girl guide to dating

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So you’re going to have to hope that her first impression of you is a good one.

Unless the girl you like is interested in going out or looking for a potential date mate herself, there’s a good chance that she’d shut herself up for any advances as soon as she realizes you’re flirting with her.

Don’t say the obvious statement when you’re trying to compliment her. And that’s the first step to paving your way into her heart. [Read: How to compliment a girl] #3 Get some alone time with her Flirting is best indulged in when it’s just the both of you.

Try to get memorable and personal with your compliments without crossing the line. You can show off your flirting skills around a group of girls and guys, but you won’t be able to create an impression on the girl you like, because she’ll never think it’s special.

If you like something about her, compliment her about it, be it her dress or her hair. You can always compliment a girl about her tee shirt or her perfume directly, but by getting personal with it, you’re creating a memory for her. I love the way it fits your body” may seem personal, but it also borders on creepy.

But if you want to tread into the dating ground and make her remember your compliment, you need to use your words well. The next time she uses that perfume, she’s going to remember what you said. Save these sexual compliments for later, when she wants to hear them.

Enjoy your life and always stay positive and cheerful.

Just follow the aforementioned tips and you should be able to get the ball rolling in no time!

Now you may know that you’re a great guy, but really, she still doesn’t know that for sure just yet.

Flirting on first impression is a game of chance, and however good you may be, there’s always a chance for misinterpretation and failure unless she’s already interested in flirting with you.

Even before you flirt with her, you need to make a real man out of yourself.

Be the man who can attract attention from women and you’ll realize that wooing the best girls around you is way easier than you can imagine.

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