Simple validating php form

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And we should commonly find easiest ways to get rid from the problems. And there is one new thing as type that is password. POST is commonly being used for these kind of webpages, due to its security.Figure 2: Output of the Sign-in Webpage with updated size of fieldset tag As you can see in the Listing 1 and 2 we used such a good Html tags to design a simple log-in form. The functionality of type password is to don’t show the text what we will enter in the password box. And when we are dealing with our ID and Password, so we should be alert from the hackers.As you can see the Figure 1, how it was looking and how it is looking now?

simple validating php form-27

As I told you that it’s an easy way to use Inline Style.

And then we used SELECT query to select two things from the database, which is user Name and Pass.

When we used SELECT query, you can see the query we have used “*” its mean that we selected all data from the database for the login.

But before we enter any data to this webpage on Figure 3. One profile page and other ID and password validation.

For checking or validating the ID and Password we need to save ID and Password to the database, for this we need two more things as a database and a table. Listing 4: creating table So we completed the requirements of the database. In which we will get the data and check it if the ID and Password are available in the database and entered correct then the user will be able to online to the user profile page.

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