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Deleted the account and tried to add Sirius again using Sonos PC controller which reports "incorrect username or password". Welcome to the Sirius Backstage Archive brought to you by Digital Radio Central.

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sirius should be able to tell you what you need to do. I had the same thing and know one knew what it was..

Any obstructions, including trees, surrounding buildings, etc. A clear view of the sky is mandatory for receiving uninterrupted music radio.

For music for business applications, the antenna must be located outside – there are no exceptions to this rule.5.

Make sure the antenna is outside and aimed in the proper direction during testing.

If the direct connect provides adequate antenna signal, the problem is with the coaxial cable used to extend the antenna. Make sure your radio is receiving adequate antenna signal as described in the fault “Low Antenna Signal.” If your signal is within the thresholds noted therein, commence the following troubleshooting steps. Check the connection between the music receiver and the amplifier.

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