Smart singles dating

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When you’re picking right and you’re being that person, there are very few reasons to break up,” she said.

She wasn’t studying psychology, sociology, or another subject related to matchmaking.

Most recently Smart Dating Academy hosted an online seminar that covered how to navigate the senior dating world, highlighting common concerns like how to choose the right site and profile do’s and don’ts.

Each webinar also wraps things up with a Q&A session.

These exercise also include learning overall concepts needed for successful dating, such as: Bela said this intricate process helps singles get out of any ruts and break any habits that are holding them back — plus it allows them to fully understand how to make the right choices for themselves and their dating lives.

“Human beings tend to do what feels comfortable vs what’s actually right for them, so through our process, we help clients hone in on the things that are going to be right for them long term, and then that becomes an immediate realigning of their ‘picker,'” she said.

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