Sony clie and updating palm os

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There is a now a White Balance User setting, an option to rotate the display and a focal mode from the main screen.

This update is only for the NZ90 and requires approximately 147KB of available memory. I know this is not the place to post - but I can't help but ask the question !

Prepare for an OS update by noting your handheld's make and model number.

Though Palm's current release is version 4.1 (version 5 will be available shortly), the latest OS may not be appropriate for your machine.

Macromedia Flash Player The Macromedia Flash Player5 update has a number of audio improvements and fixes.

It can now handle flash content with mp3 audio, improved audio replay and adds a adjustable volume bar.

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The viewfinder screen refresh rate has been improved and Sony has reduced the camera application load time to under .8 seconds.

For instance, 4.0 added the ability to run applications from a memory expansion card (Handera added this feature to its proprietary version of OS 3.1) and to enable USB support (included in Handspring's version of 3.5). After viewing a masked record, the Palm used to stay in View Private Records mode.

It now returns to the Mask Private Records setting.

After backing up all data (which will be lost during the update) and installing or recharging batteries, copy the update to the memory card's root directory.

Next, while holding down the Date Book button, press and release the Reset button. (You can read more detailed instructions here.)The method of updating Handspring PDAs is similar to Palm's. For Visor Prism and Platinum models, the updater will run when it's first installed during a Hot Sync.

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